How To Create The Most Effective Storefront Design

By Placemeter
1/18/16 12:27 PM
Create the perfect storefront and get more customers into your store

Your store's most important metric is its sales. But in order for your customers to make any purchases, you have to get them into your store in the first place.

Your storefront is therefore critical to the success of your business. But how can you tell whether or not it's effective at attracting customers?

To answer this question, we created the walk-in rate. By measuring the amount of people that walk by your store on a daily basis and comparing that to the number of people who come in, you can see evidence of your storefront's success. 

Here’s how measuring your walk-in rate can help you create the most attractive, data-driven storefront design.


Define Your Brand

Have you ever walked by a store and immediately recognized the brand before even seeing a sign or company name on the building? Or are there storefronts you’ve seen that stick out in your memory because they were so unique and appealing?

These stores have figured out how to represent their brand in a way that’s memorable, recognizable, and effective at attracting their audience. By testing different storefront designs, signage, and even fragrance, you can define the best representation of your brand, statistically.


Determine The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Campaigns

There are several elements to a successful marketing strategy, including visual merchandising, promotions, and interactive campaigns. Each one of these will have an impact on your customers, and ultimately, your sales. You can test these different elements to determine if and how they affect the number of people who enter your store.

For example, let's say you measure the amount of traffic around your storefront for a week and determine how much of that traffic enters your store. You then put up a new sale sign or display in the window and measure the amount of traffic again. By looking at the walk-in rate, you can determine whether or not that sign increased or decreased the proportion of people who became shoppers.

With this new knowledge, you can implement strategies that get more customers into your store.


Count the number of pedestrians walking past your storeDivide by the number of people entering your store to get your walk-in rate






A/B Test Your Storefronts Based On Neighborhood

If you have a large network of stores, chances are people will respond differently to each one depending on the area. Just like national restaurant chains localize their menus and big brands add local elements to their marketing, you can make adjustments to your storefronts that cater to each location.

Measuring the walk-in rates at all of your stores will give you real data to make informed decisions about what will attract the most customers, and how that changes depending on location.


Create The Perfect Storefront Design

Your storefront is your first touchpoint with your customers. Your walk-in rate can help you optimize that experience by giving you the information you need to create the perfect showcase of your brand.

To learn how your walk-in rate can also help you optimize your store hours, find the best location for a new store, and understand how outside factors are affecting your business, download our free e-book, "Walk-In Rate: The New Retail Metric That Will Maximize Your Revenue".


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