Placemeter is now part of Arlo

By Melissa Sanchot
12/15/16 4:00 AM

Since 2012, we at Placemeter have passionately created, built, fine tuned, optimized and packaged our computer vision technology to transform tens of millions of hours of video into meaningful data that makes the physical world safer, smarter and more efficient. From the beginning, our goal was to deliver our solution to as many homes, as many companies, and as many cities as possible.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are taking a fast track towards this goal: Placemeter is now a part of NETGEAR Arlo, the worldwide market leader in smart home products.


NETGEAR is a pioneer in home networking, and, since 1996, has consistently produced simple, beautiful, efficient products. With more than 7 millions devices shipped every year, NETGEAR is a global leader in home and business networking products.

In 2015, the company stormed into the home security camera market with the introduction of Arlo - the world’s first 100% Wire-free home security camera. Arlo quickly became, and to this day remains, the undisputed market leader in the smart home security camera category.

Our vision has always been to add value to any video feed we find in our modern world, and this is an amazing opportunity for us to partner with the leader in one of the fastest growing categories in consumer electronics today.


When we met the Arlo team, it was love at first sight. We love the product, its design, the ease of use, the easy set up, its efficiency and reliability.  The product itself is exactly what our Computer Vision technology needed to realize its full potential: a nifty, beautiful, reasonably priced camera loaded with features that was in search of a powerful computer vision stack, with the potential to change the way people view and interact with the world, starting from the home and expanding to retail, offices, cities.  We loved the team too, so we both decided to explore the option of a relationship really quickly.

Fast forward a few months and we are now super pumped to be the Arlo computer vision team at NETGEAR.


We want to thank our customers, our investors, and all our supporters for being there since the beginning. This marks a huge step in our development and we can’t be more excited to develop many more new and innovative features directly into the current Arlo product line to make our homes, businesses, offices and cities smarter, more useful and more pragmatic.


Thank you all and please join us as we continue on our journey as a part of the Arlo team!  


To all our customers:

We will reach out to you in the coming days to explain how this will impact your Placemeter account. As always, feel free to send your comments and questions at


About NETGEAR, Inc.

NETGEAR (NASDAQ: NTGR) is a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers. The Company's products are built on a variety of proven technologies such as wireless (WiFi and LTE), Ethernet and powerline, with a focus on reliability and ease-of-use. The product line consists of wired and wireless devices that enable networking, broadband access and network connectivity. These products are available in multiple configurations to address the needs of the end-users in each geographic region in which the Company's products are sold. NETGEAR products are sold in approximately 28,000 retail locations around the globe, and through approximately 29,000 value-added resellers, as well as multiple major cable, mobile and wireline service providers around the world. The company's headquarters are in San Jose, Calif., with additional offices in approximately 25 countries. More information is available from the NETGEAR investor page or by calling (408) 907-8000. Connect with NETGEAR on Twitter and Facebook.

About Melissa Sanchot

Melissa is our Head of Marketing. Previously, she worked at Uber in France and cofounded Quinoé, the first 100% organic, fair trade restaurant in Paris.

Placemeter is now part of Arlo at NETGEAR

Thank you all and please join us as we continue on our journey as a part of the Arlo team!  

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