7 Ways Your Future Home Will Use Computer Vision

Smart homes are coming, and they're going to make your life waaaay easier. >>>

Smart Cities Council Honors Placemeter's Commitment to Connectivity

Smart Cities Council, the world’s largest smart cities network, honored three start-up companies for their commitment to providing municipalities with effective solutions to manage urban growth during Smart Cities Week in Washington, D.C. last month. Placemeter won the Innovation Alley Connectivity Award, while StratIS and OperaSoft were both awarded the Environmental Impact Award. >>>

How To Monetize Artificial Intelligence: Make It Generic

  The first thing you learn in Startup 101 is to focus on one use case and nail one application. Well, that’s a great way to build your marketing strategy and sales funnel, but it won’t cut it if you’re working with artificial intelligence or computer vision. >>>

There’s A New Measurement Point In Town: Say Hello To The Doors!

Ever been stuck with data that doesn’t quite describe what you’re interested in measuring? We’re fixing that. >>>

[MAP] Placemeter's Coverage Around The World

We've seen hockey stick growth in the past year. Thanks to our many new users, from the active community of civic hackers to the major players with national networks, for helping our small team realize a big dream! >>>

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About Placemeter

Placemeter uses computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods. 

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