Civic technology and the cities of our future: Part II

We began last week by talking about our visions of smart cities, and how the civic technology movement represents an early first step towards making smart cities a reality. We discussed how this movement is affecting government from within, by encouraging a more agile, responsive approach to citizen services. >>>

Entertainment Districts: When a sellout crowd isn't limited to inside the stadium

Stadiums: they’re shiny, they’re recognizable, and they’re often a point of contention. But as cities become more urban and built around a walkable downtown core, so too are their stadiums.    >>>

5 Smaller, Smarter Cities

At Placemeter, we talk a lot about “smart cities”. Often, big projects in big cities come to mind. >>>

Earth Day, Car Free NYC, and the real impact of environmental consciousness on behavior

Click here to listen to the soundtrack to this blog post. >>>

Civic technology and the cities of our future: Part I

We're beginning to realize the future of smarter cities, but what concrete steps are governments, companies, and citizens taking to get there? >>>

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