Visualizing traffic data in real time

We get a lot of questions about using Placemeter data in GIS. >>>

How did Winter Storm Jonas affect pedestrian activity in New York City?

If you guessed that most New Yorkers spent the blizzard weekend watching Netflix and overeating, you're right. But we still saw some interesting data. >>>

How To Create The Most Effective Storefront Design

Your store's most important metric is its sales. But in order for your customers to make any purchases, you have to get them into your store in the first place. >>>

2015: Year in Review

2015 was a transformative year for us. We started with a scalable system and, over the course of the year, actually scaled the company. We more than doubled our staff, we doubled down on our product, and we focused on capturing the most elusive of startup goals: happy customers. >>>

3 Ways You Can Use Technology To Increase Your Holiday Retail Sales

Retail sales are expected to increase up to 4% this holiday season, reaching $965 billion.  You can draw a bigger portion of those sales into your own store by using technology to attract customers at all stages of the buying process. Here's how. >>>

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