Nobody Knows How Many People Use NYC's Beaches

Today’s estimates are eyeballed by park supervisors. How can city agencies collect accurate data on beach attendance, and why does the community need it? >>>

Building A Smarter City? Follow The Money.

How to Finance Smart City Infrastructure  >>>

Privacy Is Not Optional. It’s At The Center Of Everything At Placemeter.

When we talk about computer vision, the first fear that companies and individuals have is about privacy. >>>

How To Use Your Placemeter Data For Predictive Analytics

A wise man once said, if you can predict anything, you can make money off of it. Actually, a wise man didn’t say that... I did, just now. There’s an entire industry out there that helps cities and business owners predict traffic and behavior. To name a few: smart cities use predictive analytics to make transit development decisions, out-of-home advertisers use it to set pricing, retailers predict ... >>>

8-Year-Old Charlotte Talks Smart Homes And An Urban Future

This is Charlotte. She does karate and plays piano. She likes colors. Lots of colors. >>>

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Placemeter uses computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods. 

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