Excuse our French but we're in France!

We’re hard at work getting Placemeter Everywhere. We’re going for global coverage… and we’re starting by expanding to France! We are trés excited to announce the launch of Placemeter France. We’ve got ourselves a French office, French employees, French job openings, and a French website (visible… >>>

Product Update: Team Accounts and API

So you’ve signed up for Placemeter. You’ve connected a video stream to the platform. You’re building datasets in real time. It’s time to share your insight with your colleagues. Luckily for you, that’s now incredibly easy. Our newest feature, team accounts, allows you to share… >>>

Announcing the Placemeter Everywhere Campaign

A few months ago Placemeter launched a new, critical layer of data on the urban environment. We unlocked metrics from video streams and gave you access to invaluable information. But that was just the first step in our revolution. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Placemeter… >>>

Pope-ular Science: How the papal visit affected pedestrian traffic

Pope Francis finished his three-city tour of the U.S. yesterday. Since he’s known as “the people’s pope”, we took a look at how he affected people—not spiritually, but in terms of pedestrian traffic. Allow us to pun-tificate... Francis is one pope-ular guy. The NYPD stated that… >>>