Placemeter Hits New Milestone With Speed Distribution Analytics

Our newest feature delivers an unprecedented glimpse into the way people interact with the urban environment. >>>

What We Talk About When We Talk About Trajectories

In order to understand how Placemeter delivers valid and reliable data for turnstiles, areas, and doors, it helps to understand how our technology tracks moving objects. >>>

Product Update: Sensor Detail Page

Our engineers work very hard to make our users' lives easier. And let us toot our own horns here: they're very good at what they do. >>>

Boston Traffic Trends: Don't Drive In Late August

♪ Back to school, back to school ♬  >>>

How Accurate Is Google's "Popular Time" Function?

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the answers to the puzzle! >>>

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About Placemeter

Placemeter uses computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods. 

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