Making Retail Site Selection Easier with Placemeter

It’s an exciting time to be in the physical retail business. Despite the emergence of online retail, real-world locations have never proven more powerful as sales and marketing tools. Even as the E-commerce market grows, consumers still overwhelmingly choose to shop in physical stores. Small businesses like street food… >>>

Smart Cities, Startups and Craft Beer: Placemeter in Berlin

Jason took off last Friday to attend the Metropolitan Solutions conference in Berlin this week. Here's what happened. What was the purpose of the conference? Metropolitan Solutions Berlin is part of a series of 27 conferences and workshops around the world, all focused on ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s… >>>

What we learned at the 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Conference

Mackey, Avi and David attended the 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What was the purpose of the conference? Mackey: The conference was an opportunity for transportation experts to share their successes and failures and latest technology in transportation modeling. Placemeter attended to learn more… >>>

Quantify the top of your sales funnel with Placemeter

For online retail, measuring your business' performance is easy as pie—gross impressions, unique impressions, CPM, CTR, CPA, AOV, and repeat rate tell much of the story. As it's never been easier to shop online, it's never been easier for online retailers to optimize their virtual stores. Now competing with… >>>