What we learned at the 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Conference

Mackey, Avi and David attended the 15th TRB National Transportation Planning Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


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Quantify the top of your sales funnel with Placemeter

For online retail, measuring your business’ performance is easy as pie—gross impressions, unique impressions, CPM, CTR, CPA, AOV, and repeat rate tell much of the story. As it’s never been easier to shop online, it’s never been easier for online retailers to optimize their virtual stores.


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Cambrian Explosion of Computer Vision

by Alex Winter, Founder & CEO of Placemeter.

The LDV vision summit is getting close! I have had a chance to take a closer look at the agenda, and chat with some of the upcoming speakers and contestants. This will be a very, very exciting vintage of the summit.

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Come join us tomorrow at the World’s Largest Startup Event: NY TechDay 2015!


TechDay is like a massive science fair for startups with more than 400 exhibitors showing off their companies to a huge crowd of more than ten thousand people. These startups are from all around the world and developing exciting tech products. TechDay 2015 is the fourth edition of this annual event taking place in New York at Pier 92 (12th & 54th) between 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM tomorrow.

Are you an early adopter of tech products? Looking for a job at a startup? Covering the NYC tech scene for a publication? Looking to invest in the next Facebook? Or just a plain old tech enthusiast? Then this event is for you. Entrance is FREE so register now, and we’ll see you there tomorrow!

Witness machine intelligence coming to life at the LDV vision summit

by Alex Winter, Founder & CEO of Placemeter.

It is the time of the year when I am getting ready for one of my favorite events in New York – the LDV vision summit – taking place in late May. In addition to seeing many of my friends there, I know I will be infused with the excitement, dreams and breakthroughs of the awesome scientists, entrepreneurs, and now investors who all share the same vision: computers will, one day, see the world the way humans do. This will create tectonic changes in our world. At an amazingly larger scale.

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How Does Foot Traffic Correlate With 311 Reports in NYC?

‘Eyes on the street’: 311 and the sidewalk ballet
by Melissa Sands

The sidewalks of New York City were a favorite subject of writer and activist Jane Jacobs.  In The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961), she described the city as an “intricate ballet” of movement and change that plays out on the sidewalk “…bringing with it a constant succession of eyes.” Jacobs believed that “eyes upon the street”—by which she meant the watchful gaze of neighborhood shop-owners and residents, alert to minor disturbances and problems—are essential to a vibrant, safe city.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-02 à 12.57.11
Map by Pitch Interactive from 2010 where blue represents the fewest 311 complaints and red the most.

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Times Square: 5 Reasons Why It’s Not That Bad

New Yorkers love to hate Times Square. It’s touristy and full of cheap souvenir shops. It’s a complete assault on the senses: lights, jumbotrons, comedy club promoters, jugglers, musicians, half-naked cowboys… It’s a mess.

Still, it’s hard not to be a tad impressed.

1. It really is worth seeing all lit up in the evening:


It is. At least once.

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The sudden end of winter, foot traffic data in Union Square & what retailers can learn from it


This is an excerpt of a story that originally appeared on Blocks of New York. Follow Blocks of New York on Facebook and Twitter.

N, Q, R, L, 4, 5 and 6 lines, Union Square is what one could call an “intracity hub.” Thousands of people transit here every day, at the surface or underground (92,633 per day during the last week of February according to MTA data): students, workers, tourists, shoppers, street dancers and early-day joggers, and many, many more we don’t have time to list.

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How one retailer maximizes revenue potential with Placemeter


Placemeter generates pedestrian & vehicle counts and location intelligence by applying our proprietary cloud-based algorithms to video sensor streams and public video feeds. In addition to these counts, retailers can use foot and vehicle traffic patterns to determine if passersby are locals or tourists, commuters or leisure seekers, and add in the effects of weather, season, and local events. Our platform works with existing security cameras or simple IP cameras that can be set up in minutes. We achieve 85+% accuracy, continuously improving over time, and samples 100% of the population, not just people with an app or a phone.

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How Placemeter can help make Williamsburg more in sync with its residents


This is an excerpt of a story that originally appeared on Blocks of New York. Follow Blocks of New York on Facebook and Twitter.

With this week’s Blocks of New York turning to a hipster haven, we wanted to point out that we’ve been analyzing pedestrian traffic using computer vision since before it was cool. In all seriousness, this Brooklyn sensor revealed interesting features particular to its neighborhood.

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