How To Use Your Placemeter Data For Predictive Analytics

A wise man once said, if you can predict anything, you can make money off of it. Actually, a wise man didn’t say that... I did, just now. There’s an entire industry out there that helps cities and business owners predict traffic and behavior. To name a few: smart cities use predictive analytics to make transit development decisions, out-of-home advertisers use it to set pricing, retailers predict ... >>>

8-Year-Old Charlotte Talks Smart Homes And An Urban Future

This is Charlotte. She does karate and plays piano. She likes colors. Lots of colors. >>>

Plazas For The People: A Geospatial Analysis Of The NYC Plaza Program

Can we build equitable smart cities? >>>

Meet Louise Naud, Senior Computer Vision Scientist At Placemeter

The number of engineers and scientists working in computer vision (CV) is increasing exponentially, but the average person still underestimates the science and its impacts. From a surgeon using image segmentation to better visualize and identify a defective part of an organ to a Google Car using CV to detect traffic lights, our lives are and will be deeply impacted. >>>

What's In Store For Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

Last week we went to the inaugural edition of Shoptalk. Amidst a lot of very interesting talks about the future of retail, one thing in particular caught our eye — something that used to be a thing of science fiction but is now a reality: a virtual or augmented reality. >>>

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About Placemeter

Placemeter uses computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods. 

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