Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday: Statistics & Strategies For Retailers

Has Cyber Monday made Black Friday less successful for brick and mortar retailers? What percentage of in-store shoppers have switched to shopping online? How can you make the most of your in-store sales on this holiday weekend? >>>

How the Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID is using Placemeter to attract businesses and apply for grants

Back in August, we installed five sensors along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn's Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District. Last week we interviewed Mark Caserta, the Executive Director of the BID, to learn about how he and the district have been using its Placemeter data. >>>

The New Retail Metric That Will Transform Your Business

Have you ever wondered why on some days your store is filled with customers and on others it’s completely empty? Or whether that sale sign you put up brought in any more people? Maybe you’re curious about how much revenue your marketing strategy is generating. >>>

Walk the red carpet with Martin and Ben in Cannes

Stand #P-1.E84 in the Innovation Forum 11/18-11/20 Presentation Wednesday at 5:30   >>>

Meet the Placemeter Team at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Vamos al Congreso Mundial de Ciudades Inteligentes!* *We're going to the Smart City Expo World Congress! Visit us in the New York City Pavilion: GV P2, Street D, Stand 409 >>>

Rethinking campus planning with real-time pedestrian data

Campus planners spend years predicting how their spaces will be used, but rarely monitor their success once their projects are built. Both planners and university staff need continuous, real-time data to improve campus efficiency and user experience. >>>

Exclusive Webinar: Stop burning money on traffic data collection

Join us on November 12 to debate the transportation data collection process. >>>

Halloween shopping habits

Americans love Halloween. According to the National Retail Federation, we spent $6.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2015. Of that number, $2.52 billion was spent on costumes. >>>

Stop burning money on traffic data collection

The government is spending taxpayer money on inaccurate, incomplete traffic studies. Transportation professionals are building transit plans with bad data.  Citizens are paying for a poor transit experience, and there's only so much they can take. >>>

The Story of the Placemeter Sensor, Part 2

We’ve worked hard to create the technology for the Placemeter platform since 2012. >>>

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