What's In Store For Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

Last week we went to the inaugural edition of Shoptalk. Amidst a lot of very interesting talks about the future of retail, one thing in particular caught our eye — something that used to be a thing of science fiction but is now a reality: a virtual or augmented reality. >>>

Five years ago I opened my first restaurant. Here's what I'd do differently today.

I opened my first restaurant with one of my best friends just after we graduated. We named it Quinoé (I REGRET NOTHING), andit was a great adventure. But we were young, and we made some mistakes. >>>

[Product Update] Intelligent Object Classification Is Live!

We’re ridiculously excited to announce the launch of intelligent object classification, a new feature that allows Placemeter users to identify five classes of moving objects: pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, and large vehicles. >>>

4 Metrics You Need To Track During Your Pop Up

So you’re an online brand venturing into omni-channel retail? You now know how to plan your pop up, but what do you know about the ins and outs of consumer behavior in an in-store setting? >>>

Ready For A New Retail Experience? New York's Pop-Up Architect Has Some Advice

As technology evolves, consumers change, too. As we make more and more purchases from our phones, in online stores, and even on Instagram, a brick-and-mortar store can no longer exist as merely a place to buy items. >>>

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